Submitted version 1.10 to the app store!

By | 4 February 2014

As soon as Apple approves our updated version, the updated InboxRuler will be available in the App store.

The following has been changed:


  1. Signature was initially empty and not saved, resulting in a ‘(null)’ signature
  2. When no rules defined, a message in the log screen was shown that there is no internet connection for All rules.
  3. When deleting email account, the account could be ‘dangling’ in the rule. This has been fixed.


  1. Added possibility to add, rename or delete a folder in the folder selection screen
  2. Added retina icons for tab bar images and for log screen
  3. For well known email addresses, values for email servers are automatically filled-in.
  4. Added possibility to send log file to if there is a problem. The log text can be edited before sending if needed. The log output and the definition of the rules will be sent.