Version 2.0: Work in Progress

By | 20 October 2018

Dear all,

After more than 2 years of silence, there will finally a new version of InboxRuler available! Unfortunately due to a lot of personal circumstances I could not find the time to actively work on InboRruler. However as I still received quite some requests for bug fixes and enhancements I wanted to make a new version. This is version 2.0 which contains quite a number of bugfixes and small enhancements. Works is still to be done on the background processing which is still not reliable enough regarding timers. Version 2.0 supports the usage of Apple Push Notification but bear in mind that the infrastructure is not complete yet and hence not working completely. That will be done as soon as possible and version 2.0 is ready for this. Nonetheless I did not want to wait any longer to release the new version.
Major changes (also documented in the help and user guide):

Version 2.0:

  • Now works with mail domain.
  • Fixed two factor authorisation issues with gmail, defaults now to OAuth2
  • New method for background processing (but infrastructure not complete yet)
  • Automatically select proper inbox, trash and drafts folders where possible if imap server supports these flags
  • New internal structure to save rules and accounts with help of realm database. Unfortunately previous rules will be deleted and need to be set-up again.