Version 2.0: Work in Progress

Dear all, After more than 2 years of silence, there will finally a new version of InboxRuler available! Unfortunately due to a lot of personal circumstances I could not find the time to actively work on InboRruler. However as I still received quite some requests for bug fixes and enhancements I wanted to make a […]

Version 1.60 available in the app store!

Finally! A new version of InboxRuler is available which solves an annoying bug when creating a new account and adds 2 factor authentication for gmail. Please see the complete list of changes below: New: – Possibility to use two factor authentication for gmail. When creating a gmail account in InboxRuler you now can select OAuth2 […]

Working on update and bug fix for gmail!

Yes, it has been a while… But finally I got the time to start working on InboxRuler again and now starting to update to the latest iOS and libraries. I did encounter almost immediately after rebuilding the reason why InboxRuler does not work with gmail anymore. The 2 Factor OAUTH is processed incorrect. Next task […]

Submitted version 1.50 to the App store

Hello all, We just released a new version of InboxRuler. The last version (1.44) unfortunately contained a serious bug which prevented users to save new or modified rules. This release not only fixes this issue but also has additional possibilities to select messages based on date. It is now possible to select messages by for […]

New updates are coming for inboxruler..

Hello all,   It has been a while for updates on the website and inboxruler itself due to all kind of other activities. However, there has been more time in the schedule for inboxruler and last but not least with the purchase of new hardware (iMac 27″ retina 5K 😉 development should be a lot […]

Version 1.40 submitted to the app store!

Version 1.40 adds connectivity enhancements for imap and smtp. You now can select the connection and authentication type, this should resolve most connectivity issues. If there are more issues, please provide us with details of your imap and smtp server where you have issues with. We will make sure we can connect to them as […]

Added selection wizard to InboxRuler

To ease the creation of rules, you can now select a message from one of your inboxes which will fill the selection fields. The subject, date, mail from and size will be fetched from the selected mail message. Version 1.30 will be submitted this week! See the complete list of enhancements and bugfixes below: BugFixes: […]

Submitted version 1.10 to the app store!

As soon as Apple approves our updated version, the updated InboxRuler will be available in the App store. The following has been changed: BugFixes: Signature was initially empty and not saved, resulting in a ‘(null)’ signature When no rules defined, a message in the log screen was shown that there is no internet connection for […]

Busy with updated version

Currently busy with adding new features and fixed 2 (small) bugs. See the log below, the expected planning for the new version is the 10th of February. BugFixes: Signature was initially empty and not saved, resulting in a ‘(null)’ signature When no rules defined, a message in the log screen was shown that there is […]

InboxRuler accepted in the app store!

Yes, the InboxRuler is now officially for sale in the app store! Now we can add the ‘available in the app store’  logo to the site and update the FAQ with known issues, as there is one issue with the signature which is not saved initially in Core Data, only when pressing the save button […]

Inbox ruler almost ready!

The last finishing touches are now being completed…. Of course as being a developer, design of logo’s and pictures turns out to be the hardest part…  🙂