Version 1.60 available in the app store!

By | 12 May 2016

Finally! A new version of InboxRuler is available which solves an annoying bug when creating a new account and adds 2 factor authentication for gmail.

Please see the complete list of changes below:

– Possibility to use two factor authentication for gmail. When creating a gmail account in InboxRuler you now can select OAuth2 as authentication method. After pressing Save you will be redirected to the google login page to allow InboxRuler to process your emails. No need to specify imap server, smtp server or your username and password anymore as the authentication will be done by google.

– When creating a new email account InboxRuler could crash when the configuration data for the email provider was incorrect.
– The deleted messages folder can now only be selected when the mail account is valid.
– In the Selection Wizard the displayed email messages have a correct look and feel even when the default system font has been changed.


Next on the roadmap is to have a better way to control when the processing of mailboxes in the background will take place. First results look promising, so stay (i)tuned!