Added selection wizard to InboxRuler

By | 10 March 2014

To ease the creation of rules, you can now select a message from one of your inboxes which will fill the selection fields. The subject, date, mail from and size will be fetched from the selected mail message. Version 1.30 will be submitted this week!

See the complete list of enhancements and bugfixes below:


  • When moving messages, deleting does work properly but no end of operation was given and hence, executing rules will continue to be shown and InboxRuler did not return to the main screen.
  • Non standard characters in folder paths were not correctly shown
  • The switch for ‘process only read messages’ in the selection screen did not show the correct value. When value was correctly picked up however, but not shown correctly on the screen.


  • New selection helper, which uses a selected message in the inbox to fill the selection criteria
  • Improved selection screen, which is more compact.
  • The number of messages processed in the background is shown on the icon and cleared when the user opens the log tab.
  • Added new selection criteria such as Subject does NOT contain, email address is NOT on the to: list etc. With the new selection criteria you can select messages which are not directly sent to you and move them to a spam box for instance or even delete them.